Recent Before & After Photos

Flooded Commercial Building In Fort Mill

This commercial property in Fort Mill South Carolina had a sprinkler discharge which flooded a area of the building. Some damage did occur to ceiling tiles and ... READ MORE

Fingerprint Dust Cleanup Company

This homeowner had a robbery that was investigated by the police. After they left she had fingerprint dust in her carpet. She tried to clean it herself at first... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Fort Mill

Need a Storm Cleanup Company In Fort Mill?If your home or business has been affected by the weather we can help. Storms can bring heavy rain and wind that can c... READ MORE

Mold Damage in Fort Mill, SC

Mold is something that can effect your health, as well as your peace of mind. In many cases, mold goes unnoticed. Our customer told us that she did not notice t... READ MORE

Fire Damage Clover,SC

This was a fire in Clover,SC school that affected one room and a hallway. All the building material were removed and the walls and ceiling were cleaned and read... READ MORE

Sewage backup in York,SC

This property in York ,SC had a sewage back up that affected three other businesses in a strip plaza. The water caused damage to walls and flooring. We were abl... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Restoration of Pictures

This was a house fire that had soot damage the pictures throughout the home. We were able to coordinate the recovery of the images to get them back to the way t... READ MORE

Fire Damage Cleanup Fort Mill

A home in Fort Mill suffered a fire damage from a stove. The homeowner left a food item cooking to long any and it caught fire and burnt some cabinets and drywa... READ MORE

Hoarding Home Cleanup In Rock Hill

This property was left unattended in Rock Hill after the bank took it back. It sat for months until we were hired to remove all items and damaged flooring to g... READ MORE

General Cleaning

This picture shows the power of our products! Check out how it got through the dirt and grim! SERVPRO has our very own chemist that creates the best products ar... READ MORE